Our made to order rooms are all completely customizable, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your new living space.

  • Cooba


    Enjoy the natural light which comes flooding through the wide glass frontage of the Cooba. Providing generous views of your garden, or backyard pool, the Cooba makes for a perfect outdoor entertaining area.

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  • Kamaroo


    With attractive stacker doors providing generous access, the Kamaroo is the perfect place to set up those larger items that can be difficult in a standard home. The 6m x 4m model boasts sufficient room for an 8ft pool table or home gym.

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  • Mallee


    Escape to a personal oasis with the Mallee outdoor room. The recessed wall nook is the ideal spot for a dedicated bookshelf or filing area. Alternatively, you could use this space to store art supplies leaving you plenty of room to create your next masterpiece.

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