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With attractive stacker doors providing generous access, the Kamaroo is the perfect place to set up those larger items that can be difficult in a standard home. The 6m x 4m model boasts sufficient room for an 8ft pool table, or plenty of space for your own home gym.

A corner window ensures plenty of natural light and ventilation, making your new space a bright and airy place to enjoy.

* This includes delivery to your CBD address
(Installation not included)ded)

Quality Assurance, Our guarantee to you

Each Inoutside room is guaranteed free from structural problems for 12 months.

Fast and easy installation

Forget the hassle of a home renovation or extension. Inoutside outdoor prefabricated rooms are quick and easy to install anywhere you need extra room for living.

  • Prefabrication takes 4-5 weeks on average
  • Assembly on site takes 4-8 days on average
  • Minimum access to the property is all that is needed (standard path with 2.8m height clearance)
  • Buildings can be delivered preassembled where easy access is available
  • No tradies or skips are required on site for weeks on end
  • No mess. No fuss. Installation is quick and clean with minimum disruption to your life
  • No concrete foundations are required
  • No special equipment or machinery is required to assemble or position your room
  • No council approval required (in most cases)
  • Sloping ground does not need to be cut & filled’
  • Plumbing and power can be connected or pre-arranged

For more information about installation and approvals, see our FAQs page.

Take your room with you

Because Inoutside rooms are prefabricated for easy assembly, they can also be dismantled and relocated. If you decide to move, you can take your extra living room with you. Simply contact us and we’ll arrange for our qualified installation crew to deconstruct your outdoor room, pack it up and transport it to your new location for reassembly.

    • Steel floor system
    • Choice of 3 exterior finishes*
    • Western Red Cedar cladding to front elevation
    • 2 x horizontal awning windows†
    • 1 x fixed vertical corner window
    • 1 x stacker door†
    • Insulated roof panels
    • Insulated walls, plaster-boarded and flushed ready for decoration
    • Particle board flooring
    • Hardwood front entrance step (250mm wide approx.)
    • Ceiling heights range from 2.2m – 3.5m depending on floor plan.
  • Weatherproof exterior switch board
  • Circuit breakers (one extra for optional A/C unit)
  • Safety switch
  • Separate switching
  • Spotlight track & fittings†
  • 2 x exterior lights
  • Double power points†


* Render exterior available in SA only.
† Sizes/numbers vary to suit floor plan.


Choose what suits you. All our floor plan designs can be reversed to match in with your existing home and yard.

Larger options available on all designs, size and placement of windows and doors are also flexible along with internal walls.

Finish Options

Blend your Kamaroo outdoor room with your existing home. Choose from a range of exterior finishes* for the sides of your room to complement the natural Cedar front elevation.

*Please note: The render finish is only available for deliveries in Adelaide, SA as it can easily be damaged during transportation.

I love this design with the floorplan and finish, works for me.

$ 19,230*

FREE DELIVERY *GST incl. Please note this is an estimate, this does not include installation

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