Commercial Uses. Room for growing your business

Commercial Building

Need an affordable, professional office space – fast? Or a transportable room for displays and exhibitions? Inoutside multi-purpose rooms provide a quick and easy solution.

Our outdoor studios can be pre-assembled and delivered to your site ready to fit-out in a matter of weeks, not months. And our range of designs and sizes make finding the right space to suit your needs a breeze.

Sales office

Ideal for developers who need a professional sales office on site, or any other business needing dedicated office space to promote services and products. Each multi-purpose office can be fitted with power, water, telecommunications and air-conditioning as needed to provide a comfortable, efficient working space for sales staff and clientele.

Commercial Building


Showcase the best of your business from your own dedicated exhibition space. Our versatile outdoor rooms can serve as a permanent exhibition space, or be constructed as fully portable units suitable for transporting to industry trade-shows, where and when you need them.

You can customise your fit-out to maximise your visual impact, and we’ll make sure your room is safe for transportation if required.

Information centres

Our smaller multi-purpose rooms present a fast and affordable option for local councils and government needing to establish information centres or kiosks. Constructed from fully weather-proof materials, they can be easily installed wherever needed… national parks, beaches, town squares, or popular tourist destinations.

Offices for factory units

Manufacturing plants and factories seldom provide a tranquil environment to focus on the day-to-day running of your organisation. Create a dedicated office space where you can concentrate in privacy and peace. For added comfort, consider optional extras such as double-glazed windows, climate control and sound-proofing.


Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning bases and shelters are inspired by nature, and by those who use them. Our flexible designs can provide many opportunities for outdoor learning to help enrich the curriculum alongside play, recreational and social activities. Classrooms need to respond to the needs of 21st century learners and our beautifully designed practical classrooms offer flexible designs that are inspiring to work in.

Sensory room

A sensory room is a quiet, relaxing space featuring a range of (optional) multi-sensory equipment designed to stimulate and develop children’s visual, auditory and tactile senses, e.g. projector, mirror ball, fairy light tubes and sound system.

The sensory room is multifunctional, multi-sensory, and able to be used by all pupils within the school whatever their physical or learning needs.

Extra office and learning space

We also offer staff rooms, libraries and other solutions to extend and enrich your school in ways that help to make learning irresistible.

Helping you with planning permission

Commercial buildings and schoolrooms usually require planning permission and we can manage the application process for you. All our buildings comply with Australian Building Standards, are designed for public use, and will meet all other relevant standards and regulations.

Depending on the function of the building, this may involve changes to specifications. Contact us to discuss your commercial office needs.