Uses for rooms. Multi-purpose backyard rooms

Imagine having more space

Space to escape from everyday stress. A place in your garden that’s flexible enough to turn into an office, studio, playroom or even a gym. A space that’s been designed just for you.

These fully-functioning, highly-efficient work or lifestyle studios offer a secure, warm winter haven or a cool summertime retreat. The possibilities for your backyard room are endless:

Home office/study

For the growing number of people now working from home either full or part-time, our multi-purpose provide a comfortable, secure and professional working environment removed from the usual distractions associated with working from home.

You can now separate your office from your home to regain more space in your house, while bringing balance back into your life.

By day, heat and light can be controlled using solar-sensitive glazing or fitted blinds. Temperature controlled interiors can also be created, with optional climate control featuring air conditioning and heating. All utilities can be connected—water, waste, electrical, telecommunications, Foxtel and broadband internet.

Teenagers’ retreat

The kids are getting bigger but the house isn’t? Maybe you have an aspiring drummer, or need somewhere for your teenager to hang out with their friends.

This insulated soundproof room provides a great teenage retreat where you know they’re close by, in a safe environment.

Home gym

Offering more privacy than a public leisure centre, and more tailored to your needs than a gym membership, your own home gym is an ideal investment in your continuing fitness schedule.

Constructed from strong steel base there is no need to worry about future sagging from weighted gym equipment. And your room provides a cool space for working-out as it is designed to be thermally efficient with optional air-conditioning and bi-fold doors that open into your garden.

Rumpus or games room

Tripping over the games consoles and toys inside the house? Create a space just for the younger kids.

If you need a games room to encompass a number of activities (maybe table tennis, electronic games or Lego), then this is it.

Media/home entertainment room

Entertainment rooms have become the norm in most houses. This is a space to relax and unwind in your own garden setting, and sit back and watch your favourite movies and sporting events on surround-sound cinema.

This is the room that caters for all your family’s media needs

Art studio

If your hobby or career follows an artistic path, our backyard retreats offer a balance of light, design and facilities to inspire you.

With optional large retractable bi-fold doors, create harmony by letting the light and fresh air into your workspace.

We can also incorporate an optional small sink facility and/or toilet.

Computer room

The kids are on their PlayStations or personal computers, your partner’s on the internet working or just surfing. Is the fight to get on-line becoming a real chore? If so, then why not create your own garden computer room.

Secure wireless broadband internet connection is available.

Library or reading room

Create your own sanctuary away from everyday distractions. Grab a good book, a cup of tea and relax in your very own library!

Music room

An outdoor music room offers the perfect place to practice or simply listen to your favourite music.

Or if you need a soundproofed music room or recording studio, our buildings offer excellent soundproof construction features as standard, with optional double-glazed windows and doors for the complete package.


Work in a comfortable climate – not a hot tin box! We can create a work environment with optional electrical power points and lighting to suit your requirements. The structure is robust with a fully structural steel base to withstand the weight of a heavy work bench and a high-impact wall system that you can directly fix hanging tool racks and shelving to.